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Holiday Gift Guide: The Adventurer

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Source: Unsplash

We all have that one friend who is busy every single weekend. Maybe they’re hiking, maybe they’ve planned a stay-cation and are exploring their own town, maybe they’re hosting their friends for a weekend at the river. Wherever they are, they are always on the go, always experiencing new things. Here’s my list of eight gifts for the adventurer in your life.

Musky Trails Artisan Candle Co, a small, CA-based business, creates candles inspired by the great outdoors. Pick from their National Park candle line that immediately transports you to your favorite park via their deliciously outdoorsy scent profiles. Plus, 5% of all proceeds are donated to the National Park Foundation so you can feel good about your gift-giving.

These reusable, washable silicone bags make packing snacks a dream. Skip the single-use plastic in favor of these durable bags. To clean them, simply pop them in the dishwasher!

3. State or Regional Park Pass

‘Experiential gifts’ are always a good choice. By giving the gift of experiences, you’re helping someone do more of what they love while creating long-lasting memories in the process. When choosing a gift for an adventurous friend, take a look to see if their local state or regional park system offers an annual pass. An annual pass will typically grant the holder free parking throughout the system, as well as other perks. Our regional park pass includes a free night of camping, boat ramp access, and more!

This adorable game is compact, easy to learn, and a ton of fun - perfect for killing time in an airport, an evening around a campfire, or playing with friends while wine tasting.

I have one of these chairs and I use it all the time! It’s equally perfect for a day at the beach or for setting up at an outdoor summer concert. Since it includes zip pockets (including a cooler pocket!) on the back, you don’t need to lug an extra bag with you. Just pack everything into your chair and go.

If the adventurer in your life is also a reader, give the gift of good books on the go! makes it easy to gift audiobooks at the price point of your choice. also enables you to support your favorite local bookstore when shopping for audiobooks. Simply select the bookstore you’d like to support and they’ll receive a portion of your purchase.

Sometimes a well-timed glass of wine can be the cherry on top of an already epic adventure. If the adventurer in your life enjoys wine, consider a pair of these heavy-duty tumblers.

This is one of my all-time favorite gifts to give. I’m in my eighth year of using a 5-year journal and it has been a source of immense joy in my life. Every night, I take 30 seconds to write down something about my day - a highlight, a thought, a description of what I did. At the end of each year, you flip back to the beginning of the journal and begin a new year. You can read your entries from the previous year each night, or open up your journal on special occasions (i.e. anniversaries, a year after a big trip, birthdays, etc.) and reflect on your past experiences. This journal would make the perfect for someone looking to easily record all of their adventures.

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