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The 6 Best Things We Bought For Our Boat

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

woman on a paddleboard
Making good use of our paddleboards.

Living on a boat, especially a small 35 ft monohull, is a practice in minimalism and simplicity. With limited storage space, we had to make hard choices about what to bring and what to leave behind. A lot of what we wanted to bring, we already had - snorkels, fins, exercise gear, First Aid supplies, camera equipment, etc. But, never having lived on a boat before, we had to guess at what other things we might like to have onboard. Would we use a small cooler for beach picnics? Would we need both bath towels and beach towels? Would the water be cool enough to need a wetsuit? What kitchen tools would make cooking on a boat easier? After a month and a half on the boat, I’ve come up with a list of the six best things we bought for our boat.

1. Magic Bullet Blender

This might be my number one favorite boat purchase. It’s small and versatile, making it the perfect tool for a miniature kitchen. We make breakfast smoothies almost daily but have also used the blender to make hummus, black bean dip, and other sauces. And if you’re craving margaritas, this tiny blender would easily be up to the challenge. The best part - it’s easy to clean, with only a small blade and cup to wash.

What We Bought: Magic Bullet Blender

2. Portable Vacuum

I knew I would need a small vacuum to clean up Lulu’s fur but I had no idea just how dirty our boat would get. Dirt, sand, dust, fuzz…you name it, it seems to find its way onto our boat. I charge this handy little vacuum anytime we run the motor and give the boat a quick once over every other day or so. A click of a button releases the canister for easy clean-out. I now consider a portable vacuum essential for any boat.

3. Stand-up Paddleboards

Our stand-up paddleboards have quickly become one of our most-used boat items. We use them to take Lulu to the beach, to navigate into shallow snorkeling spots or estuaries, to try our hand at floating yoga, and more. Lulu dislikes being left alone on the boat while we snorkel, so I’ve taken to towing her behind me on the paddleboard - an unexpected but very important use case! They also provide a great way to get exercise, even on cloudy, cool days when you don’t want to swim.

We bought two sizes - one 11'x33"x6" board and one 10'x28"x6" - and prefer the larger board. It's more stable, making it a more versatile board, and you don't seem to sacrifice much speed.

4. Shorty Wetsuit

Initially, I assumed the water would be bathtub warm because it’s the tropics, right? Alas, winter is winter, even in The Bahamas, and the average water temperature in The Bahamas in January hovers around 74 degrees Fahrenheit. Not cold but just chilly enough that a shorty wetsuit makes a big difference in my comfort. I’m able to stay in the water and snorkel for much longer than I would without it.

5. Drone

This purchase was a bit of a splurge but so worth it. We’ve been able to capture amazing footage of the islands, the ocean, and our boat that will forever transport us right back to the magic of The Bahamas. The drone is delightfully easy to set up and fly meaning there isn’t much of a learning curve. If you’re planning a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, consider bringing along a drone to document your experience.

What We Bought: DJI Mini 2 (We bought it used through Amazon for about half the price listed.)

6. Large Metal Waterbottle

Boat life means lots of sun, salt, and sweating. I've been drinking more water on this trip than ever before and couldn't be happier with my extra-large, 32-ounce metal water bottle. The entire top screws off, making it easy to refill, while the small, drinking cap means I can avoid spilling on myself even when the seas are rough and rolly. Tyler added a loop of cord to the handle, so I keep the bottle hanging nearby in the cockpit.

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