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9 Unreal Plant-Based Restaurants in Portland, OR

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Whether you’re normally a meat-eater or a devout vegan, the restaurants on this list are so good it’s unreal.

Portland, OR
Supernova Vegan serves up vegan fusion bbq out of a food truck in the Sellwood neighborhood of Portland, OR.

Portland, OR, knows how to eat. The city is a legitimate smorgasbord of culinary options. From the colorful bakeries of the Alberta Arts District to the glittering wine bars of downtown, there is something for every type of diner. Given the city’s bent towards a progressive, environmentally-minded culture, it’s no surprise that Portland delivers plant-based options in a big way. My fiancé and I traveled to Portland earlier this winter with two dear friends who follow a plant-based diet and our trip quickly turned into a decadent vegan restaurant tour. Never have I ever seen such a diversity of 100% plant-based restaurants in the same city. Whether you’re normally a meat eater or a devout vegan, the restaurants on this list are so good it’s unreal.

Of course, as I publish this, the world is reeling from the impacts of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). In accordance with new shelter-in-place orders and out of care for the health and safety of their employees and customers, many of the restaurants listed below are currently closed or offering only take-out or delivery. Many of the businesses listed are also small, locally-owned businesses that will be hit hard by the drastic reduction in business.

If you live in the Portland area, please consider supporting these businesses by purchasing gift cards, ordering delivery, or planning a celebratory night out once it’s safe for these businesses to re-open. If you live elsewhere, bookmark this post for your next visit to Portland. These businesses and your tastebuds will thank you!

"Given the city’s bent towards a progressive, environmentally-minded culture, it’s no surprise that Portland delivers plant-based options in a big way."

Breakfast: Start Your Day with Vegan Delights

The Vibe: A pint-sized shop with big flavors to offer. This woman-owned small business specializes in artisanal vegan donuts and ice cream and, boy oh boy, do they do donuts well. Doe Donuts is committed to promoting environmental sustainability, providing living wages for their employees, and supporting fellow small businesses. Besides making delicious sweet treats, Doe Donuts also supports organizations working to create positive change in the world -- every month they select two organizations to receive cash or in-kind donations. You can rest easy knowing your donut habit is supporting lots of good causes.

What to Order: The Portland Fog donut is exquisite. The dough, as puffy as a cloud, is smothered in an organic earl grey glaze and topped with fresh vanilla whipped cream.

Current Status: In-store purchasing currently available in Portland (1 person in the store at a time). Delivery is also available via Poshmates and Doordash. Their online store sells swag and gift certificates, too.

Cafe Gertrude

The Vibe: Casual and unpretentious, this spacious cafe serves up heaping plates of plant-based comfort food in a no-frills setting. The menu is very vegan-friendly with dairy or meat substitution available only upon request. And, the cafe is named after the owner’s 10-year old dog. How cute is that?

What to Order: Looking for a hearty meal with a little kick to start your day? Try the Southwest Scramble or the Southwest Corn Cakes. The breakfast potatoes are crispy perfection and you’ll wish you had a whole plate just to yourself.

Current Status: Currently open for takeout.

Back to Eden Bakery

The Vibe: Back to Eden is so light, bright, and airy, you’ll want to spend all morning leisurely sipping your oat milk latte and admiring the sweet treats in the dessert case. Everything on the menu is 100% gluten-free and vegan, so you can feel good about that extra biscuit (or two).

What to Order: Sandwiched between two extra flaky biscuit halves, the Breakfast Sandwich comes piled high with greens, sharp cheddar spread, and a tangy tomato jam. For a lighter option, just ask for a biscuit with butter and jam or snag a cinnamon roll from the pastry case.

Current Status: Currently closed. Check Instagram for updates and help support this local business once it reopens.

Lunch: Plant-Based Perfection

Supernova Vegan

The Vibe: Come hungry when visiting this food truck. Grab a spot at the picnic tables in the back and toast your hands around the firepit while waiting for your food. It’s a food truck but it’s not fast food, so settle in and enjoy the laid-back, picnic vibes of the place.

What to Order: The Space Cowboy sandwich is a mess of bbq sauce, melted cheese, and crispy jalapeño slaw. It’s so insanely good you’ll be licking your fingers for every last drop. Order the Elotes for a side of tangy street corn goodness.

Current Status: Currently closed. They plan to reopen when safe. Check their Facebook page for updates.

The Vibe: A funky shop for some fun, funky cheese. Vtopia specializes in raw, aged vegan cheeses made from a variety of seeds and nuts. Take your cheese to-go from the case or grab a table in the small, one-room shop and sample an assortment of cheeses.

What to Order: To really experience the diversity of vegan cheeses, order the 5-Cheese Platter. Perfect for sharing with friends!

Current Status: Check their Instagram for the latest updates on hours and delivery options.

Dinner: Veggies for All

The Vibe: This chic, design-focused space dishes out top-notch pizzas in a variety of mouth-watering combinations. Plus, Virtuous Pie prioritizes partnerships with local growers and suppliers and even donates a portion of revenue to like-minded charities in the cities where they are located.

What to Order: Choose the Superfunghi for a slice of savory, herby goodness. And pick up some plant-based ice cream for dessert at home!

Current Status: The Portland location is currently closed. Check their website or Instagram for updates.

The Vibe: This colorful, cavernous beer hall offers a huge variety of beer and an absolutely scrumptious, all-vegan menu. What’s more, Modern Times Beer has the distinction of being the first employee-owned brewery in CA (they have multiple locations). Drinking beer never felt so good!

What to Order: Nonna Jessie’s Meatballs would fool even the most serious meat lover, while the Croquettes deliver just the right amount of greasy, cheesiness to pair with your beer of choice.

Current Status: Beer is available for pick-up or delivery in Portland. Beer can also be shipped to CA.

Blossoming Lotus

The Vibe: Relaxing and romantic, the Blossoming Lotus is a lovely spot for a date night. They are committed to sourcing organic, local ingredients whenever possible and offer a 100% plant-based menu.

What to Order: Try the Roasted Beet & Apple Salad and, if you see the chocolate cake on the dessert menu, don’t miss it.

Current Status: Currently closed. Check their website for updates.

The Vibe: Festive and welcoming, this vegan-friendly cafe is located in the heart of the Pearl District. The space is colorful, the soundtrack is on point, and the food is fresh and flavorful.

What to Order: Guacamole and a margarita are always a good idea. Follow your starters with the Vegan Fajitas for a plateful of grilled veggies in a creamy red pepper sauce.

Current Status: The Hillsdale and Sylvan Highlands locations are open for take-out. The Pearl District location in Portland is currently closed.

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