Molly grew up in Santa Cruz, CA, amidst redwoods, coastal fog, and farm fields full of artichokes. Growing up immersed in nature, Molly developed a serious love for the wild places and animals that make our planet so special. This love, paired with a passion for travel, has led Molly to many remarkable places, from the deserts of Namibia to the coral reefs of Palau.


Besides travel, Molly loves trail running, hosting dinner parties, busting her butt at the barre studio, feasting on morning buns & coffee, and peaceful moments alone in nature. She has a Master's in International Environmental Policy, with a focus on sustainable tourism, and an undergraduate degree in Anthropology & Sociology, with a focus on community-based wildlife conservation. By day, she works on marine conservation and management; by night, she plans adventures and writes about travel. Molly currently lives in Northern California. 

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